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Disrupting the conflict between technology, people and machines.

History is full of examples on the future of artificial intelligence. John Stuart Mill declared in the 1840s; there cannot be a more legitimate object of the legislator’s care than looking after those whose livelihoods are disrupted by technology. If that was true in the early era of the steam engine, then it should be clear how our IT/data consumer society must respond to the next generation era of artificial intelligence.

The Governance Risk Management and Compliance Challenges of Content Management in Relation to RegComTech®.

Content is the intellectual capital of an organization. Content is the information contained in a product description, a brochure, a user manual, a web site, or one of many other Information with regards to the type of product types. Content, stated as simply as possible, is the information that is put to use, when it is packaged, presented or published for any specific purpose.

New technology has a potential for great rewards for all stakeholders.

Disruption is exploitation plus exploration. In this article, we suggest that just like the implementation of Governance, Risk Management, Compliance or IT Security (GRC) structure is a journey, both for the customer as well as the vendor. The journey starts where customers buy goods and services from the supplier to solve a problem. The vendor then stretches the product to generate more income or appeals to install more systems and e.g. links GRC services to products, a method that is made easier by the internet of things. The journey has then started for mutual growth and profits.

Compliance costs continue, and the fragmented approach to Compliance must discontinue. RegComTech® provides the answer.

The RegComTech® business application agenda is to customise the technology developments. RegComTech® addresses the duplication, integration, automation and streamlining issues, desired to address the mainstream next generation regulatory compliance components of Governance, Risk Intelligence, Compliance and IT-Security.


Aggregating Compliance Challenges