What Is RegComTech®

headerRegComTech® focuses on operations and technology issues related to Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security (GRC). RegComTech® is the answer to the global compliance industry’s need for disruption to manage and monitor regulatory compliance by adopting a technology-enabled, integrated and united approach..


The How: By recognising the regulatory compliance network, knowing its impact and implementing the right integrated solution to get it done better, faster, cheaper and safer.


We partner with  oversight bodies, standards organisations and regulators to facilitate the mutual understanding of regulatory compliance issues with changes that impact the industry and financial institutions.


The role of RegComTech® is to bring together a broad range of regulatory compliance technology stakeholders and pool their products, services, knowledge and technology to provide a platform with insight, context and structure to leverage the product and services of RegComTech®:

  • An integrated regulatory GRC platform
  • Collaborative general and specific compliance networks
  • Training thought leadership and events


The Who: RegComTech® is a regulatory think-tank that provides practical thought direction of a GRC platform to promote a global information flow on how to deliver regulatory change, avoid duplication, redundancy and disarray and create GRC value.

Our partners provide the research to interpret large quantities of regulatory data to reform with specific actions to avoid duplication and promote automation.



The RegComTech® agenda

To disseminate the understanding on how regulatory policy can be delivered and implemented to create value. The think-tank includes all GRC stakeholders including regulators, end-users, and vendors to understand the entire GRC agenda. We will build a comprehensive reference operating model for regulatory compliance to measure, manage and monitor GRC execution, transactions, and reporting.