Getting started

The Tone-at-the-Top Risk Reflections at a RegComTech® workshop Regulatory and reputation risks are considered to be in line with other risks e.g. strategic, operating, credit or financial risks. As a matter of fact regulatory and[…]


What Is RegComTech®

RegComTech® focuses on operations and technology issues related to Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security (GRC). RegComTech® is the answer to the global compliance industry’s need for disruption to manage and monitor regulatory compliance by[…]


The why

GRC leveraged by RegComTech® not only protects but creates stakeholder value, provide risk intelligence and compliance management that lead to actual profits   When it comes to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), many organisations are[…]



The Disruption of Regulatory Compliance Technology Is RegComTech® RegComTech® helps firms to automate the regular compliance tasks and reduce operational risks associated with GRC activities and disclosures. RegComTech® empowers the compliance functions to make informed[…]


Value Proposition

RegComTech® Implements Governance, Risk Management, Compliance And IT Security As An Integrated Model that Aligns Business Processes With Strategic Objectives.   The Copenhagen Compliance® RegComTech® value proposition is; to perform the right Regulatory Compliance technology[…]


Methodology and Bottomline

The RegComTech® Solution, Methodology and the Bottom Line   Regulatory compliance requirements such as Basel, Solvency, MiFID, KYC, etc., require banks and financial services and other organisations to go thru some compliance components and to[…]

Characteristics of RegComTech®

The Key Characteristics of RegComTech® Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and IT-Security Doctrine, Manifesto and Compliance Platform   Most services, trades and industries are under the supervision of some regulatory compliance with an oversight authority[…]